tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-6570809348314913884.post3850385402305966723..comments2007-08-12T20:30:05.629-04:00Summorum Pontificum : He Said What?Patrick ArchboldBlogger3125tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-6570809348314913884.post-36735175161124906692007-08-12T20:30:00.000-04:002007-08-12T20:30:00.000-04:00On September 14, Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleig...On September 14, Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh, NC will pay his second visit THIS YEAR to the diocesan Traditional Latin Mass community at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Dunn, NC. Bishop Burbidge will attend a 7:00PM Missa Cantata, to be celebrated by the church's pastor, Rev. Paul Parkerson.<BR/><BR/>Thank you for leading by example, Your Excellency!Anonymoustag:blogger.com,1999:blog-6570809348314913884.post-51322428027175508532007-08-12T13:39:00.000-04:002007-08-12T13:39:00.000-04:00What's the take on the view expressed by the Bisho...What's the take on the view expressed by the Bishop of Brooklyn? To me, his response to the MP is "guarded" to say the least.Mike B.tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-6570809348314913884.post-43489563613213677562007-08-12T12:04:00.000-04:002007-08-12T12:04:00.000-04:00As easy as it is to take a defensive stance agains...As easy as it is to take a defensive stance against this statement from the Bishop, I have to side with many of those on Fr. Z's blog... that this was probably a pre-emptive move on his part to head off any individual priest from immediately implementing the principles of the MP. That in itself may not be a good thing either, but the fact is, even by his own words, his "proclamation" will be replaced by the Motu Proprio in September when it becomes effective. The statement about communion under both species is troubling however, particularly at a time when the practice seems to be diminishing, even in those places where it was common several years ago... too difficult to reconcile with the directive on cleansing of vessels I think!Chironomo