tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-6570809348314913884.post2059982331870061411..comments2007-09-14T09:41:59.169-04:00Summorum Pontificum : Today is the Day! September 14, 2007Patrick ArchboldBlogger1125tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-6570809348314913884.post-5279688667798719182007-09-14T09:41:00.000-04:002007-09-14T09:41:00.000-04:00Greetings in St. Jerome!The wonders of the Catholi...Greetings in St. Jerome!<BR/><BR/>The wonders of the Catholic Treasures of Faith and Wisdom is plentiful even in a godless and sinful world. Today, more than ever, all men must seek ever more deeply to understand that Jesus Christ is Lord and Truth. For if man sincerely seeks what has been handed to him from a principle foundation of hallowed reason and invincible faith, it will necessarily follow that he will find what he is seeking by following that same path of truth.<BR/><BR/>No wonder in an age of moral decay and even outright indifference for holy things, is there still a ray of hope in the Catholic Catholic. For Jesus Christ who is the True Light made the ultimate sacrifice to His Father to make His promise of perpetual saving graces available to mankind a matter of fact. St. Jerome, a great Doctor of the Catholic Church, made great steps in that path of truth and was chosen by God to help codify the inspired and approved texts of Sacred Scripture into a single book that became known as the Sacred Bible. This book became a source of spiritual growth, theological study, and legal practice in a world really no different from our own. Rightly, did St. Jerome bellow at the world of his own time that "Ignorance of the Scriptures is Ignorance of Christ" (Ignoratio enim Scripturarum ignoratio Christi est), because it is only through the quest of truth will someone attain the true love of truth which will crown them with the gift of wisdom.<BR/><BR/>The good news from St. Jerome's Cave is that there is good plenty of Rare and Hard to Find Traditional Catholic Books available for those on this quest for truth and who will love these books to show the Pastor their goodness of wheat. Here is sample of a few of the great works of Christ's Church available to obtain:<BR/><BR/>Pontificale Romanum<BR/><BR/>Missale Romanum<BR/><BR/>Epistolae et Evangelia Totius Anni.<BR/><BR/>Evangelarium<BR/><BR/>Canon Missae ad usum Episcoporum<BR/><BR/>Mansi's Sacrorum Conciliorum Nova et Amplissima Collectio<BR/><BR/>Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Completus<BR/><BR/>Denzinger's Enchiridion symbolorum, definitionum et declarationum de rebus fidei et morum<BR/><BR/>Jerome's Biblia Vulgata Latina<BR/><BR/>Rare Pre-Vatican II Gregorian Chant and Sacred Polyphony<BR/><BR/>Rare Video of Popes Saint Pius X , Pius XI, Pius XII<BR/><BR/>Rare Video of a traditional Latin Solemn High Mass<BR/><BR/>And...so much more!<BR/><BR/>Please visit St. Jerome's Cave and have a look at the great treasures that he and all true Catholic scholars brought together for the Greater Glory of God, the edification of the Christian People, and the salvation of souls:<BR/><BR/><BR/>http://www.geocities.com/stjeromescave<BR/><BR/><BR/>In the Holy Lion,<BR/><BR/>A Catholic Caveman of St. JeromeJEROME