Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vatican: Bishop MUST provide Tridentine Mass

By Brian Kopp

From this week's Irish Catholic (via the Ulster Taig blog):

Initially, the Killala Council of Priests, an advisory body made up of both elected members and priests appointed by Bishop Fleming, advised that no provision should be made for the Latin Mass pending a request for clarification from the Vatican on aspects of the Pope's letter. This advice was accepted by Bishop Fleming and an announcement made that the Mass would be unavailable in the Killala diocese.

However, The Irish Catholic has learned that the matter came to the attention of the Holy See as a number of people in Killala wrote to the Vatican to express their frustration at the lack of provision. The Irish Catholic also understands that a number of diocesan priests who believed the decision countermanded papal legislation, contacted Bishop Fleming to register discontent.

The 'Ecclesia Dei' Commission, headed by Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos, then wrote to Bishop Fleming insisting that the restriction was forbidden under Church law since Pope Benedict had made universal provision for the availability of the Mass in the extraordinary form. In its letter, the Commission insisted that neither Bishop Fleming, nor the Council of Priests, had the right to place a restriction on a right approved by the Pope. Bishop Fleming has now designated the Church of the Assumption, Ardagh, Crossmolina, Co Mayo as the centre for the traditional Mass in the Killala diocese and the celebrant will be Fr John Loftus, a priest of the diocese.


Chironomo said...


Long time since I've visited here! It should be pointed out that the Bishop, again, does not have the right to designate one parish as the ONLY site for the TLM in a Diocese. This is also a violation of SP. As has been pointed out elsewhere, when forced to implement SP, many Bishops have instead begun to implement Ecclesia Dei Afflicta

David L Alexander said...


Hey, the guy just got a good b****-slapping from Rome. What more could you ask for? If enough people in his diocese want the Traditional Mass, it is now left to them to show it. If and when that happens, His Immenseness can't very well try the same tactic as before. At that time, more locations could be provided.

The ball is in the faithful's court now.