Saturday, October 4, 2008

The New & Official PCED Summorum Pontificum Website

By Brian Kopp

TNLM reports on an important new website from PCED:

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Official "Summorum Pontificum" Website of the Ecclesia Dei Commission Online

The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei now has an official website called Summorum Pontificum. The address is So far it is mainly in Italian, but versions in English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese are apparently being prepared. This is Card. Castrillón's introductory letter (click to enlarge):

NLM translation:

To the end of keeping bishops, priests, religious and faithful permanently informed about every aspect concerning the Extraordinary Use of the Roman Rite and every expression of the Gregorian liturgy, on this Solemnity of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei inaugurates the "web" site Summorum Pontificum.

We will strive to incorporate into the structure of this website official documents, study material, information about events, comments and audiovisual instruments helpful for the understanding and performing of the liturgical celebrations.

We do not aim in any way at establishing an interactive website, but rather at offering information and materials in complete fidelity to the "mens" of the Holy Father, who has manifested the clear intention of preserving and keeping alive, in extraordinary form, the theological, spiritual, religious and artistic richness of the Gregorian Liturgy.

(Good thing Patrick Archbold renamed this blog recently ;-)


Peter Karl T. Perkins said...

This is bad news. It means that Perl is getting ready to publicise his alterations to the Traditional Latin Mass, made gradually over the years: the right to use 1965 forms, the placement of the priest in the chair, transferring our holydays to N.O. parallel holydays, printing the text of the 2008 Good Friday abomination, having our lections in the vernacular--even the vernacular alone, using the new lectionary in place of the traditional propers, standing during the sung Sanctus, and so on. Coming will be 'rulings' allowing Altered boys, Communion standing, Communion in the hand: you name it.

Clearly, this Pope is getting ready to merge the two Missals over a long period of time. That means changing both of them. But implementing such changes is the tricky part. Recently, the P.C.E.D. endorsed a fifteenth edn. of Fortescue and O'Connell which includes all sorts of abuses. But it will likely be unknown by most celebrants. Most celebrants are either (a) opposed to changes or (b) ignorant of the rules. Those in the latter category usually rely on lay 'experts' who are active locally and who disfavour any change from the practices of 1962.

What will keep traditionalists in line during these evil days? Answer: the fact that NewMass will also be altered, and in the traditional direction. Already, news is out that the Eucharistic Prayers for children are to be dropped in the forthcoming fourth edn. of NewMass. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Once these changes to TrueMass begin, the S.S.P.X will gain a new reason for legitimate resistance. At the moment, they don't have one. But if Conciliar Rome starts to force a compromise, they can validly argue that they must remain separate in order to preserve the real McCoy.


Brian Kopp said...

"Clearly, this Pope is getting ready to merge the two Missals over a long period of time."

I'm not convinced that is "clear" at all.

Though it has been documented in the past that Cardinal Ratzinger envisioned a "hybrid" mass between the two, it is not clear that represents his current thinking.

And God may just have the final word on this matter; it IS His Church, after all.

Also, Cardinal Hoyos will be replaced at the helm of PCED next summer. Whoever takes over that role may have a different agenda than that which you ascribe to Msgr. Perl.

pertinax said...

Is the change to "Gregorian Rite" a matter of re-branding the product or is Trent just too taboo to try to sell?

Don't ever believe, as Michael Davies did, that this Pope is a true friend to Tradition. His plan of "Traditional" aufhebung is alive and well. Double entendre intended. One can easily wonder if Saul Alinsky was a student of Modernisms rise within the Church, he certainly would nod in appreciation of its ascention today.

Peter Karl T. Perkins said...

On Mr. Kopp's comments:

I agree entirely with Mr. Kopp that God may have other plans. In fact, I think that He does. I certainly hope so.

However, the evidence in the case of Benedict XVI has been very strong that he plans to merge the two missals by a slow and gradual process, one which would, of course, not approach completion until long after the end of this pontificate.

The case of Msgr. Perl is even worse. Some years ago, a weblist member at ctngreg found a complete plan of Perl's to alter the Traditional Mass into what the 'conservatives' call 'The Classical Liturgy'. This would be in line with the vision of Adoremus. The implicit idea, of course, is modernistic; it is that liturgical 'experts' can concoct a better rite than can God the Holy Ghost, acting through Tradition. Pride is the source of the error.

When it was all brought to light, not a word more was said about the scheme in Rome. Perl has been a problem for traditionalists over the years, and he is now vice-president of the P.C.E.D. He is from Luxembourg and the Archdiocese of Luxembourg is now ripe for a new ordinary. Pray, Lord, for a transfer.

We don't need to have a Perl in a swine's snout telling us that the server's Confiteor is forbidden or that our holydays be transferred to the N.O. days, or that the 1965 Mass is good and wholewome for those who request it, not to mention priests siting in chairs at certain times, or the use of the N.O. Lectionary at our Mass. Even the allowance of the lections in the vernacular alone is a preparation for the day when readings from the Blue Jeans Bible could be imposed on us. Little by little, they want to wreckovate our Mass because they are filled with fury at having been proved wrong in the 1960s.

I could add other examples. What is needed now is a counter-Perl website to oppose his insidious influence. We could give it a Biblical reference: Cast your Perls before swine, or 'a cleric without discretion is like a Perl in a swine's snout'. Or, 'the Perl of unwisdom'. Whatever.

Notice how this news of the website comes just days after news of the Cardinal's endorsement of the fifteenth edn. of Fortescue & O'Connell? The 12th edn., that of 1962, is flawed enough. But they want to go further.


Chironomo said...

Is this website intended to be a news source only, or would there someday be the opportunity to submit comments, requests, etc... that we be handy, but would require a considerable faith...

Some people just can't trust the Holy Spirit, can they?

Brian Kopp said...

Archbishop Ranjith commented on the "hybrid" mass issue back in July:

"Some day in the future is there foreseen a rite that takes the best of the old and of the new?

"That could be, ... but perhaps I don’t see that."