Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Archbishop Burke to PCED?

By Brian Kopp

Rocco Palmo is always good for rumors. Today he reports that Cardinal Hoyos has now twice castigated traditional Catholics for writing to PCED:

Trid-Head on Mass Hysteria: "How Can We Fight?"

More important, perhaps, is this tidbit:

Already retired from heading up the Congregation for the Clergy, the Colombian cardinal marks his 80th birthday next summer. With the Ecclesia Dei post normally a side-gig for a senior dicastery head, the buzzmill's already tipped the freshly-installed prefect of the Signatura, Archbishop Raymond Burke, as Castrillon's likely successor there.

This might be a good move for all involved.

Cardinal Hoyos seems to have become a bit impatient listening to the rightful aspirations of Catholics who are writing to PCED so that their rights as outlined in Summorum Pontificum might be actively protected and advanced.

Archbishop Burke is only too aware of the intransigence of many bishops who willfully misrepresented Cardinal Ratzinger's 2004 directive on Voting, Abortion, and Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion and continue to shirk their obligations under Canon 915.

Maybe the laity and Archbishop Burke could find a bit more common ground with him at PCED. He won't scoff at the idea that some bishops just don't get it. He knows it only too well.