Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Attention Evil Traditionalists!

By Patrick Archbold

Mark Shea has something to say to you!
Mark Shea has an article on in which he takes on "Those Angry Traditionalists." In this article Mark portrays "traditionalists"as unchristian wild-eyed conspiracy nuts who in their enthusiasm for the Latin Mass think that clown masses are the rule and that Novus Ordo is akin to a satanic black mass.

Here is the thing, I am a traditionalist (by my own definition) and a rather run of the mill one at that, I guess. However, I am a pretty happy guy I think.

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Séamas said...

I enjoyed reading Mark Shea's "By What Authority" when I first came to the Church. It is one of the most logical and reasonable defenses of the Magisterium and Sacred Tradition I have read.

Since them, he seems to have gone off the deep end in some respects, and this is one of them.

I'll add him to my prayer list.