Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take Heart!

By Patrick Archbold

In the text of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos address to the Latin Mass Society, he urges the members of the society to Take Heart, for the Lord and the Pope have heard their prayers!
The first thing that I wish to say is that I appreciate the work which the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales has undertaken in the past four decades. You have worked with and under your bishops, at times without all of the results which you desired. Yet in all that you have done you have remained faithful to the Holy See and to the successor of Saint Peter. And you have been loyal during a very difficult time for the Church – a time that has been especially trying for those who love and appreciate the riches of her ancient liturgy.

Quite evidently these years have not been without many sufferings, but Our Blessed Lord knows them and will, in his Divine Providence, bring about much good from your sacrifices and from the sacrifices of those members of the Latin Mass Society who have not lived to be here today. To all of you, on behalf of the Church, I say: “thank you for remaining faithful to the Church and to the Vicar of Christ; thank you for not allowing your love for the classical Roman liturgy to lead you outside of communion with the Vicar of Christ!”

I also say, “Take heart!” for it is obvious from the many young people in England and Wales who love the Church’s ancient liturgy that you have done very well in preserving and handing on a love for this liturgy to your children.
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Chironomo said...

I love the new page update... moving past Summorum Pontificum to the new reality...the Gregorian Rite. Very clever! How I pray that this whole issue that we are reading into these statements from Card. Hoyos turns out to be such a reality.