Friday, June 20, 2008


By Patrick Archbold

“It is cool knowing that the Mass was celebrated this way since … forever,”

So sayeth Joseph Marino of Commack. Joseph was one of the young people confirmed using the Traditional Form this past Sunday by Bishop Muprhy of Rockville Centre. Most of these children attend mass at St. Matthew's, the parish where I grew up and at which I still frequently attend the Gregorian Rite. (Splitting between there and the Mass at Cutchogue).

The Long Island Catholic provides the details of the joyous occasion.

Rockville Centre — They were not yet born — nor had their parents probably met — when the new liturgy was introduced in the 1960s, but a dozen teens and pre-teens last Sunday were happy to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in a Latin ceremony.
Bishop William Murphy conferred the sacrament last Sunday at St. Agnes Cathedral here for a group of children and one adult whose families regularly attend an approved Tridentine (traditional Latin) Mass offered each Sunday at St. Matthew’s Church in Dix Hills.
Bishop Murphy administered the sacrament of confirmation in the traditional Latin rite during a liturgy at St. Agnes Cathedral on June 15. TLIC photos/Gregory A. Shemitz

During a June 11 rehearsal at the cathedral, the confirmation candidates practiced for the liturgy, including the singing of two hymns in English — “Come Holy Ghost” and “Holy God, We Praise thy Name” — as well as such Latin hymns as “Tantum Ergo.”
Msgr. James Pereda, diocesan judicial vicar, who celebrates a weekly diocesan Tridentine Mass at St. Pius X Residence in Uniondale, led the rehearsal. Sister of Mercy Sheila Browne, associate director of the diocesan Office of Worship, and Father Andrzej Zglejszewski, director of the Office of Worship, also participated.

The confirmation class and their parents seemed excited and happy that their reception of the sacrament would reflect their preference for the traditional Latin Mass.
“When my daughter, Theresa, made her first Communion at our parish, St. Francis of Assisi in Greenlawn, she prayed that she could be confirmed in a traditional Latin ceremony,” said Patricia Bissex, one of the parents.

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Anonymous said...

Is that an altar girl?

Anonymous said...

No, she is one of the confirmandi. My own son was confirmed during this ceremony, and it was a beautiful dream come true for him and for all the families.

Thank you Bishop Murphy!


Anonymous said...

A wonderful event for all involved. But the picture is strange. Is she wearing a red zuchetto? I have never seen the like.

Anonymous said...

The girls were wearing white robes with red collars. They are also wearing red beanies as headcoverings. In fact, it is the exact same outfit I wore at my own Confirmation...oh...let's see...about 35 years ago.

They stopped having the girls wear the beanies not too long after that. The practice of covering heads pretty much disappeared, so I'm not surprised you haven't seen it.

Also, I'm not sure the beanie was a universal thing; I know of other ladies, older than I, (but not from NYC like me) who tell me they did not wear them, but wore white veils or flat red ribbons in their hair instead.

EVERY girl of my age, and from my area wore the beanie, or at least I never saw them wear anything else.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that information! It never ceases to amaze me how many different customs there were.

Christopher Mandzok said...

Congratulations to all who received the Sacrament. My first born is due in August, and the Sacrament of Baptism will be in the Tridentine form. I tracked down a copy of the service, and it is lovely. I am so happy that Papa Ratzinger gave us rites (pun intended) back.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your good wishes, and congratulations on the impending birth of your firstborn!

Here's hoping everyone is happy and healthy.

God Bless you all.