Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are "The Five Conditions" necessary? Part 2

By Brian Kopp

With his most recent blog entry, Bishop Williamson confirms yet again the Vatican's wisdom in extending "The Five Conditions" as a precursor to the lifting of the SSPX excommunications and further efforts at rapproachment.

It used to be that one could at least ignore the insane rantings of the sedevacantists when they wove conspiracy theories, but now one has to seriously wonder about charges they have made in the past regarding conflicts between SSPX bishops. (Please, continue to ignore their other insane rantings!)

Which leads to some troubling possibilities. Either

1) Bishop Fellay is playing "good cop" to Bishop Williamson's "bad cop," and this is simply a disingenuous two part act on the part of these SSPX bishops, or
2) Bishop Williamson is a loose cannon over whom Bishop Fellay has no control, or
3) Bishop Williamson is actively trying to undermine Bishop Fellay's efforts.

In any case, how then is the behavior of these bishops any different than that of the cast of characters our Holy Father must deal with every day, and which side is "untrustworthy" in these proceedings?

Its one thing to claim "Rome" is not to be trusted due to their history of treatment of traditional Catholics, especially Archbishop Lefebvre et al. Its another thing altogether for one SSPX bishop to so publicly undermine the Superior General of the SSPX at such a delicate time in the Church.