Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Active Participation - The Blog!

By Patrick Archbold

As you may have noticed, there are some changes going on around here. The format of the site is one of the more obvious changes. I am still working on it, but I hope you like it so far. If you don't like it, keep it to yourself. Just kidding (not really). This post may be a bit longer than what are used to here, but please bear with me.

Anyway, there is more happening than just the format changes. First and foremost, the title of the blog has changed. For reasons I can't explain, I have never been particularly comfortable with the many monikers for the mass of the ages. As you know, there are plenty. The Latin Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, the Usus Antiquitor, and the Extraordinary Form, etc. Like I said, I have never been particularly comfortable with any of these names.

So when I read this past weekend about the comments of Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos about the desire of the Pope that the "Gregorian Rite" is for everybody. I was delighted not only because this Mass might be more generally available than we had hoped, but also because it now had a name that rolled off my tongue with ease. Say it with me, Gregorian Rite... aaahhh!I liked it so much that I changed the banner on the site.

This change coincides with a number of other changes that I have been mulling for some time. Since July of last year I have maintained this site independently focusing on links to interesting news and commentary about the newly named Gregorian Rite.

Plain ol' news has been harder to come by lately (up until this past weekend) so the number of posts has been reduced lately. For the past year as well, I have put very little commentary of my own on this site. I think that it is time for this to change but I don't wish to do it alone. It is my desire that this site become a group blog for myself and some sagacious aficionados of the Gregorian Rite along with some other amateurs such as myself.

Over the coming weeks, I will be asking some other people to join me here on this site. I have no idea if any of them will be remotely interested, but I will ask. Of course, anyone who joins the club must love the Gregorian Rite, be in union with the Church, and have demonstrated elsewhere some basic writing skills (No, this requirement does not apply to me!) I would be particulary intersted in having a Priest who offers the Gregorian Rite on board, but we will see what the Lord provides.

There is a little more. Besides just a blog of opinion, I think that there is a real value for a site just dedicated to information about the Gregorian Rite. Vatican Documents, the liturgical calendar, prayers of the mass, important statements, and instruction. For this purpose, I am now setting up a companion site to Summorum Pontificum. That site will be The format of that site will be similar to this one in look and feel, but it will be entirely dedicated to the items list above and opinion free. Opinion will be reserved for this site.

I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on what I have outlined above (Be kind). So please feel free to post a comment or suggestion to this post or email me at cmr [at] creativeminorityreport [dot] com.

Patrick Archbold


Kevin said...

This sounds like a good plan.
I, as a Gregorian Rite afficianado wannabe, support you!

(no TLM in my diocese, nor had we even had an indult)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but wasn't one of the main points of Summorum Pontificum that the Mass we love was not a separate "rite" (Gregorian or otherwise), but a "form" of the one Roman rite? So shouldn't it be "the Gregorian Form"? I know it doesn't sound right/rite, but doesn't logic demand it? Sorry!

Chironomo said...


Of course, this was the term used by Card. Hoyos in his address. What he meant by it will have to be seen. It could just be a matter of poor word choice since he is not a native english speaker, or it could indeed be a new development for some other reason. It was also a major point in SP that the Mass be offered when there is a "stable group" who requests it. The suddenly expressed desire that the EF be offered in every parish would be a change from the original position in SP as well. There may be some re-thinking going on.

Mitchell said...

I can only pray that this type of mandate, firm, unambiguous, will come from Rome.....Here in NY the scene seems flat for the TLM....Not enough education about the Gregorian Rite being available at your request..No one seems to believe it or is willing to be an outcast for requesting it..The stigma is still alive and well, that is why a mandate is so needed. Put it out there in every parish and watch the "drift"...It will happen and perhaps that is what liberals fear....Sad how many of them got what they wanted in the 60's and no longer go to the very Mass they fought to have changed...