Monday, March 24, 2008

SP March 24, 2008

Bishop Williamson Responds
—Bishop Williamson of SSPX responds to questions I raised last week about whether the gates of hell have prevailed.

Motu Proprio miracles: Notre-Dame de Paris
The Parish Priest of Saint-Eugène, one of the few Parishes in which the Traditional Mass is celebrated in the Archdiocese of Paris, announced today at the end of the Solemn Easter Mass that the Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Vingt-Trois, has already decided to hold a Solemn Mass in the Ancient Use of the Roman Rite in one of the greatest buildings in Christendom, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris (Notre-Dame de Paris).

“A devastating and catastrophic mistake”
Priests praise return of traditional Latin Mass; say discouraging its use for so long was an error

Latin Mass is under fire in Oakland


Anonymous said...

What can one say? The journalists, as usual, have got half their facts wrong and the other half half-wrong. Seldom have I seen more deceptions, wild exaggerations, and errors packed into so few words.

As for the controversy, there isn't one. A few Jews bitched to the press and simply proclaimed that it was a controversy. There is only a controversy in their hysterical imaginations.