Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SP February 12, 2008

Rabbi: Not Happy, but prayer for the Jews only a 'Small Bump'
"Rabbi Alvin Berkun, president of the group, said the release of the revised Latin-language Good Friday prayer by the Vatican last week was only a small bump in improving Jewish-Catholic relations, but the Jewish community needed to express concern."

Review by Dr. Alcuin Reid of "The Mass of All Time" by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

"But as the usus antiquior gradually claims its rightful place in the Church of today and of tomorrow we would do well to consider that - humanly and historically speaking at least - it may not be able to do so today were it not for the reaction of the Archbishop and of his disciples then. For the Providence of Almighty God we may be thankful."

Missouri: Catholics celebrate revival of Latin Mass