Saturday, January 26, 2008

SP January 26, 2008

By Patrick Archbold

German bishop slams liturgical abuse
"Whoever has to deal with liturgy everyday, wallows in a swamp - said the Bishop of Eichstaett and that prayers according to the "knitting bobbin model" make him full of rage."

Vatican explains old Mass changes

he Vatican has begun drafting a document to elaborate on Pope Benedict XVI's recent liberalization of the old Latin Mass because bishops are either ignoring his move or misinterpreting it, Vatican officials said.

More than 700 faithful attend the first Mass in Latin in Iloilo City
This week, the parish of Mandurriao celebrated the first Eucharistic celebration in Latin in more than 30 years. The participants say they were "spiritually inspired". The celebrant was Msgr Tuvilla, who at the homily used the local Hiligaynon dialect.


Fr Sean Coyle said...

Hiligaynon is a language, with more than 7,000,000 speakers. It's not a 'dialect'.

Fr Seán Coyle
Bacolod City
Philippines (where Hiligaynon is the native language.)