Thursday, January 24, 2008

SP January 24, 2008

The Vernacular Option for the Lessons; A Call for Discussion
NLM has an interesting discussion on the use of the vernacular for the readings.

Pope's Mass rethink
Jewish commentary on rumored changes to the Good Friday prayer


Chironomo said...

Good Lord! The article on the Jewish commentary has at least 5 gross errors in the first two sentences! Who wrote this thing? Did they even know what they were supposed to be writing about? From this article, one would get the impression that the "offensive words" were wisely removed from the Latin Mass in 1965 to help improve Jewish/ Catholic relations, but were put back in by Benedict this past July to improve relations with Catholic Traditionalists, but then after protests from Jewish leaders, the Pope has decided to once again remove the words. It then goes on to say that the Pope will announce these changes on Good Friday. Really???

Patrick said...

"The controversial lines were dropped as part of a move to improve relations between Catholics and Jews in 1965 but were reintroduced by the Vatican last July to create greater unity within the Church and with conservative bishops."

Chironomo, the article seems to imply that the Good Friday prayer for the Jews was reintroduced specifically to create greater unity within the Church. I guess there is a Good Friday prayer for the Jews faction within the Church. :o)