Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SP December 26, 2007

By Patrick Archbold

07/07/07: the Church changed forever
Damian Thompson votes for the key religious highlight of the year!


Anonymous said...

You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube, Damian. Benedict has not yet celebrated the TLM in public as far as I know. He must know that it is unnecessary. The Mass does not need such wilful archaism. I head a Chinese choir sing at the Cathedral Church in Naples on Christmas Day and the Archbishop actually quoted Vatican II. That is the Church. The conventicles of laudatores temporis acti need to learn what churchhood means, what the People of God means.

Danny said...

What a bizarre post, Anonymous. Pray tell, how is a Chinese choir inconsistent with Summorum Pontificum? Why would a bishop quoting Vatican II negate Mr. Thompson's read of how things changed on 7/7/07? The Church today is that Church established by Christ in the First Century and not something that came about c.1964, and we should cherish all of her sacred traditions.