Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SP December 18, 2007

By Patrick Archbold

U.S. News and World Report: A Return to Tradition
A new interest in old ways takes root in Catholicism and many other faiths
"Something curious is happening in the wide world of faith, something that defies easy explanation or quantification. More substantial than a trend but less organized than a movement, it has to do more with how people practice their religion than with what they believe, though people caught up in this change often find that their beliefs are influenced, if not subtly altered, by the changes in their practice."

Jesuits Want to Know If You Can Find A Latin Mass
—Let them know your experience.

Personal Parish for the Traditional Mass in Rome

Traditional Latin Mass Returns to St George’s Cathedral, Southwark, London

The Curt Jester Asks: If only this zeal was applied elsewhere?
With all of the blocking being done to Summorum Pontificum being done by certain bishops we could only wish they could find this same zeal for other projects.