Monday, October 8, 2007

SP October 8, 2007

Sooner Insanity!
The following is a letter published in the Sooner Catholic, a diocesan newspaper serving Oklahoma City. This letter, unfortunately, is by a priest and is a reaction to the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. Read at your own risk. You will almost certainly lose a few IQ points by the end.

Paranoia will destroy ya!
Some more craziness from Oklahoma. This time from Tulsa. "So pardon me if I remain offended by this further slide back in to the abyss"

Latin Mass’ popularity growing in R.I. parishes
Yesterday, as more than 400 people filtered into what some people still call the “new” St. Bart’s (having replaced the original building in 1969), 10 altar servers, all grown men, two deacons and two priests gathered in a room to don cassocks and robes, hoping that they would not forget what they had learned in three weeks of rehearsals.