Monday, September 3, 2007

Summorum Pontificum September 3, 2007

New Jersey Parish Prepares for First Traditional Latin Mass
In the diocese of Camden, New Jersey, the pastor and parishioners of St. Peter Roman Catholic Church, located in the town of Merchantville, are preparing for the introduction of the Traditional Latin Mass.

What Should Our Priorities Be? by Michael E. Lawrence

It is often said after a political party or candidate blows an election that they were not organized, that in principle they might have been the favorite if only they had not wandered around aimlessly in the time leading up to the election. It's often said, too, of vanquished sports teams that should easily have been victorious (How are our Michigan readers doing?), that they did not prepare, they were not ready, they assumed that everything would take care of itself.

Those of us who would like to carry out the Reform of the Reform and a Renaissance of tradition are at a crucial organizational stage as the implementation date of Summorum Pontificum nears.
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Anonymous said...

there's also a Tradtitional Latin Mass in West Orange, NJ - in a parish run by the Institute of CHrist the King