Thursday, August 16, 2007

We Have A Winner!

The winner for the most off the wall response to the Motu Proprio by a bishop is.....His Excellency Mario Conti, Archbishop of Glasgow.

This would be funny were it not for the poor folks who live in this diocese. Check out some notable quotables:

Notice that there is to be a "stable group", a single request does not establish such a group. Moreover the group is to be identified as adhering to the earlier liturgical rite. A vague hankering [Yes, he actually said this!!, I have half a mind to start a new blog called 'A Vague Hankerin'] for the old days is not an adherence to the earlier rite; this document has been issued to attempt to address serious divisions, not a generalised longing for days past. The word "adhere" is fundamental to the use of the extraordinary form. I find it difficult to envisage that there are any "stable groups" in our diocese who "adhere" to the 1962 Missal.
"Priests ordained after 1970 are unlikely to be qualified to celebrate the Mass according to the 1962 ritual. It is certainly clear that a one week course would be insufficient to so qualify a priest. The discernment is mine... As the chief liturgist of our diocesan community I expect to be consulted so that I may confirm that any particular priest, before he begins to do so, is "qualified" to celebrate the extraordinary form in parishes. In that way I may exercise my responsibility in collaboration with you and help prepare in my mind the required report to the Holy Father which he requests within the next three years." [Translation - Not on my watch kids! No way...never. Any of you 'priests' get any funny ideas, remember, I am the big dog around here and I am not afraid to open a can of liturgical whoop-ass on you right wing wackos!]
Father Z. uses up his whole red pen on this one.


Chironomo said...

This document from the Bishop of Glasgow should perhaps serve as the "last straw" for the Holy Father and Ecclesia Dei to put out an additional documetn which should say something to the effect of "When we said that the priests and the faithful DO NOT NEED PERMISSION from the Bishop, we mean just that... they do not need to consult, ask for permission, submit a list of those requesting, take a test of latin knowledge, etc...they may do this ALL ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT YOUR HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT A THING!" Secondly, it would be helpful to include with such a letter a brief book on liturgical history so that they will stop demonstrating their severe lack of knowledge in this area every time they try to sound like they know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Archbishop Conti is determined that the liturgical changes should be seen as having been overwhelmingly received with gratitude and joy by the majority of Catholics in Scotland.