Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summorum Pontificum August 29, 2007

Summorum Pontificum at the University of Notre Dame
Excerpt:After several weeks of promising rumors, Campus Ministry has determined on a very favorable course of action regarding the Tridentine liturgy: a regularly-scheduled recited mass in the Extraordinary Form will be celebrated in the chapel of Alumni Hall dorm (it's generally considered one of the most beautiful on campus, and possessing a fine high altar, shown above) at 8 AM on Sundays

Note****Equally important, the Fighting Irish will be kicking off the football season on Saturday vs. Georgia Tech at 3:30. I am sure the Pope will be watching.

Fr. Z has a book review Book review: Bradshaw, L. A guide to the Celebration of Low Mass according to the traditional Roman Rite.

And this is much better than Bingo Nite! Don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Praise Jesus,
I live in NH and I just saw that we will have the missal of John XXIII. I was shocked that that announcement was in NH.
My prayers and millions of others have been answered.