Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summorum Pontificum August 21, 2007

Summorum Open Questions
John Allen reports that Bishop Trautman is seeking answers to some open questions regarding the motu proprio. Questions such as altar girls and communion under both species.

The Curt Jester has "Top five surprising results to Summorum Pontificum"

Also take a look at Pardon Me Grandma, Your Contempt is Showing
Mother of four and grandmother to nine, Patty McCarty put her disdain for the Pope, The Church, the mass, and the Eucharist on display at the National Catholic Reporter. She thinks the Pope should let her say the Latin Mass.

Driving stick.
——Brilliant, simply brilliant analogy of the situation with the Latin Mass. (HT to Some Have Hats)

Father Z. wants to know of you are a newbie or an old veteran to the "Extraordinary Form"