Monday, August 20, 2007

Summorum Pontificum August 20, 2007

The editorial staff at the National Catholic Reporter is despondent and disconsolate. Find out why at the Creative Minority Report in 'The 6th Circle of Hell'

Read Gerald at the Cafeteria about the true meaning of active participation as told by Archbishop Godfried Danneels of Brussels. You will be surprised by "The Tyranny of Words"

and the Traditional Latin Mass Returns to Lithuania

A sense of the sacred
For the first time in more than 30 years, Roman Catholics in Vermont had a chance to attend a traditional Latin Mass last week, and the overwhelmingly positive response means there likely will be more to come.

About 1,000 Catholics from across Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire packed the pews at Burlington's St. Joseph Co-Cathedral on Wednesday, spilling out into the vestibule for the 90-minute ceremony.

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David L Alexander said...

I know priests who visit both Poland and Lithuania. While this is good news, my sources tell me there was never much demand for the Old Mass in those countries (which is not to say there was none at all). The changes in the West did not affect that part of the world much, and many places used the old altars and said the reformed liturgy in Latin anyway.

jaw328 said...

The Traditional Latin Mass is now celebrated weekly in Hong Kong: