Friday, August 10, 2007

SP Varia

UCAN: Priests asked not to refuse providing pre-Vatican II Latin Mass

The Patriot News has an article on the motu proprio entitled "A timeline of the Latin Mass"

Excerpt: "I remember Vatican II with great joy, and I am so saddened that there seems to be a move by this pope to make it a thing of the past or even say it was misguided," said a eucharistic minister from Lemoyne, asking not to be identified for fear of offending people she serves.

The church "should be a rudder and help us move forward into the centuries," said Lou Gehosky, 66, of New Cumberland. "But this is worse than an anchor."
Plus, I am beginning to think that Chicago is spoiled.

NLM Reports that the Extraordinary Form is making a comeback at Lourdes in " Classical Use to have prominent place at August 15th French "National Pilgrimage" in Lourdes"