Friday, August 3, 2007

SP Roundup

Fr. Z. on In the UK: a conference for priests on the older form of Mass

Rorate Caeli reminds why it is so important to fix our liturgy. To keep the craziness from spreading. Read 'A Vatican II Moment'

Check out Alphonsus with his take on “Arbitrary Deformations of the Liturgy”

And finally we have
Benedict XVI's liturgical armistice: 'Summorum Pontificum' by Fr Glen Tattersall HT to NLM


David L Alexander said...

So, the Orthodox are using altar girls now? Whazzup with that?

Anonymous said...

no no- In my Orthodox parish, girls hold the Communion Cloth and women can Chant the Epistle but they don't serve behind the Iconostasis and I know of no Orthodox parish where they do. I rather doubt that those girls from the Greek Catholic Church in Poland were serving behind the Iconostasis either. Hysteria, anyone??

Anonymous said...

It's not hysteria. They are vested to serve Mass and there are too many of them only to be holding Altar cloths. By the way, under an early regional council in Asia Minor that is still in force, they are *not* supposed to chant the Epistle. That's yet another abuse.