Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Other End of the Spectrum

A few days ago we wrote about the wonderful and remarkable response of a Virginia pastor to the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. His response was open, supportive, and educational. Now I present another response from a pastor in the Midwest that is equally remarkable, if for the exact opposite reason.

A reader sent me a copy of the correspondence that he had with his pastor resulting from his inquiry about the 1962 missal at his parish. This reader asked that he and his pastor remain anonymous to prevent any embarrassment for the pastor. The reader told me "he's not a bad guy, to be honest. i think he's just tired & wants to retire."

The following is an excerpt with my emphasis.

Having been ordained in 1962 I celebrated the Eucharist according to the 1962 Missal for several years before the changes of the Second Vatican Council were implemented. So I remember very vividly mumbling, in a language that I did not understand , with my back to the people, who were reading a translation of the Mass in their missals, or praying their rosary in English. Certainly, anything but an active participation in the Eucharist. I also remember the great joy that I experienced when I was able to celebrate the Eucharist in English and hear the people in the pews responding to the prayers with real understanding. I don’t ever want to go back to the pre-Vatican II celebration of the Eucharist.

Read the entire sad letter at Creative Minority Report


Robert said...

He sounds like a pastor/parish priest I know.Many priests are tired, over worked and seldom thanked.Continue to pray for him and for all priests.Many are very good men.We need to encourage them,correct them but be charitable and thankful too.

Anonymous said...

"...mumbling, in a language I didn't understand." What pray tell did he do in the seminary until he was twenty six years old?

Anonymous said...

Nicola Dino Cavedini - Verona (Italia)

Anche l'Abate Rino Breoni, abate della abbazia di San Zeno a Verona (Italia) ha annunciato solennemente dal pulpito che nella sua chiesa (ove sono conservate le reliquie del santo patrono della città, vissuto nel IV secolo dC) non verà celebrata mai e poi mai la messa tradizionale. Costui è un noto progressista, che - si dice - non creda neppure nella presenza reale. Staremo a vedere. I tradizionalisti di Verona non staranno certo a guardare.

David L Alexander said...

Doesn't sound too tired to object. But hey, I never met the guy...