Friday, July 20, 2007

Summorum Pontificum - July 20, 2007

News & Analysis

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville — Pope Benedict’s document on the use of the traditional Latin Mass

Pope Benedict Affirms the Connections Between New and Old Mass By Bishop Robert W. Finn Kansas City-St. Joseph

Sacred Heart University - Expert available for comment on “Latin mass”: implications for christian-jewish relations. CMR -Analysis on Sacred Heart Statement

Archbishop Burke Speaks to Confraternity; Clergy Voice Their Full Support

Statement from Boston Following the Recent Release Of the Motu Proprio

Excerpt:Cardinal O'Malley has recently stated that based on his participation at the meeting in Rome, it is his understanding that the elements of the Good Friday services which are understandably objectionable to our Jewish and ecumenical brothers and sisters are not permitted to be used in the celebration of the Tridentine Rite.

UPI - Latin mass change praised by Jewish leader

Cardinal Egan of the Archdiocese of New York - Room for All
California Catholic Daily - “It’s tradition” -Diocese of Monterey pledges Tridentine Mass in two locations by September
***Motu Proprio: Use of Roman Missal of 1962 by Bishop Robert C. Morlino (Madison WI)

Excerpt: I have never been against such celebrations in principle, but our concrete circumstance and lack of catechetical resources to support such celebrations have led me to the prudent judgment, I believe, that such celebrations should not generally be permitted.
Obedience opens door to freedom.
Pope Benedict clearly is wise; obedience according to the mind of Christ always opens the door to true freedom. I am joyful to act in obedience to the Motu Proprio of Pope Benedict, and I am grateful to have been freed from the limitation of my own judgement.
Jewish Daily Forward - The Pope Has Given Catholics a Choice
Reuters - Vatican: We may drop revived prayer offensive to Jews HT to Rorate Caeli

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