Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summorum Pontificum - July 18, 2007

News & Analysis

Note: I wish to express a very large thank you to everyone who has posted links in the suggestion box to news stories, interesting analysis, diocesan reactions, and church bulletins. These links are invaluable for understanding the reaction to Summorum Pontificum from bishops to parish priests to the laity. This blog is your resource, so if you see something interesting, please don't hesitate to put a link in the suggestion box. Thanks to all.

The Catholic Virginian - Editorial
It is unfair to expect them to add an extra Mass to their already busy schedules. People might want to think twice about approaching their priest and putting this demand on him.

Bulletin of St. Marys By the Sea in Huntington Beach - "I wholeheartedly accede"
John Allen Jr. - Opinion divided on Mass decision – Some downplay demand for old rite, but other liturgists predict confusion
In Defense of Pope Benedict XVI by Micah Halpern
The view from New Jersey - Latin Mass may be easier said than done
NCReporter - Full participation before all else

First Things - The Jewishness of the Roman Rite HT to Closed Cafeteria
Letter from a New Orleans Jesuit Parish
Fr. Zuhlsdorf - Bp. Lori of Bridgeport on MP: what a pleasure!

Diocesan Reactions
Diocese of Allentown PA

Summorum Pontificum Contact Database - In an effort to help Catholics who want to see the Traditional Latin Mass in their diocese connect with priests who want to provide the Traditional Latin Mass, LumenGentleman is now hosting a contacts database to help bring people together. The more data we can collect, the more successful this will be, so click here to add your information!


Caitlin said...

Great resource blog. I posted a link to your site on our Catholic Wiki:

Patrick Archbold said...

Thanks Caitlin!

A Virginia Catholic said...

The "Catholic Virginian" editorial is most unfortunate in my mind. Six times the editor erroneously refers to the extraordinary usage as a separate "rite" after SP has given it another juridical designation.

He discourages the people from requesting something the Church now allows. I've never seen this done so openly before. He fails to appreciate how widespread liturgical irregularity is in the Diocese of Richmond where whole regions of parishes were built without kneelers or visible tabernacles. He seems to presume two small parishes in the eastern end of the diocese can serve a large diocese that includes the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Meadows of Dan.

He openly admits that many priests have not been trained in Latin when the 1983 code mandates education in the Latin language.

He clearly sees the Holy Father's action as an unfortunate burden instead of a pastoral appreciation for legitimate diversity. It seems some in the chancery in Richmond have a weak concept of communion with Peter or, at least, seem at ease giving that impression. Perhaps it is that communion with Peter that is the true burden.

A Virginia Catholic

Anonymous said...

When Bp. DiLorenzo first took the helm in Richmond many thought the Babylonian exile ended. As if to say "Not so fast!" he kept the occupying army of liturgical thinkers and exiled the few orthodox priests from meaningful jobs in the Chancery who were given positions at the beginning of his administration.

Another Virginia Catholic

The party that commenced during the Sullivan administration is still going full force. You would never know there was an episcopal change in this peculiar part of the American Catholic Church.

As far as the Editor of the dioscen paper is concerned, he defines the proverbial dog in the manger.

Heavy workload indeed! A few unfunny jokes, some banal badly played guitar music is the highlight of the homily and participation of the faithful. Lets not forget the innovative Eucharistic prayers, glad-handing all around, communion for every one under both species served by "Eucharistic Ministers" in tight fitting pants and low-cut blouses. You get the picture, strictly post-Vatican II. An insult Catholics everywhere.