Friday, July 6, 2007

Cafeteria Respects the Embargo

Gerald Augustinus of the Cafeteria is Closed states his reason for waiting to publish the Motu Proprio.

In case you're wondering why I (or am not quoting from the Motu proprio: the document has been making the rounds - but to publish an embargoed document, apart from being wrong, lands one on the, shall we say, personae non gratae list at the Vatican. The Motu proprio is under embargo (see below), so neither I nor and other sites such as Creative Minority Report will quote from it. It will be released Saturday, at noon Rome time (6am Eastern, 9am Pacific)


Mark said...

Quite right!

At first I didn't understand what Rocco Palmo had done, and didn't care either because my Latin is so basic I couldn't even work out what it was saying.

Then it dawned on me that he was leaking it, and I hit the roof!

Gerald Augustinus said...

It's hard to resist. I've had the Motu proprio in my mailbox for a while (different language and source than Palmo) and now I have to stay up till 3am + anyway :P